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•  OneCap Financial Corporation is a privately held company with headquarters in Montreal , Canada . We invest across a broad range of industries in different forms of private equity and debt instruments. We seek capital appreciation as well as yield through our investments, often with an equity component such as warrants, common or preferred equity . Our experience, reputation and resources make us an ideal choice for companies seeking capital as well as for their financial sponsors.

•  OneCap Financial acquires and originates investments in a wide variety of unique situations. Some of our partners include: 

•  Commercial banks
•  Insurance companies
•  Private Equity Sponsors, Venture Capital Firms, Private Investors and Real Estate Developers
•  Management teams seeking capital for acquisitions or leveraged buyouts
•  Turnaround professionals seeking financing for troubled companies

•  Our team, relationships and capital resources enable us to act as a value-added investor. Our hand-picked management team has over 50 years of experience in senior roles at leading international institutions. Our disciplines include real estate investment and management, private equity and special situation investments.

•  OneCap Financial focuses on two principal activities:

Corporate ........................ Real Estate


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